Learning, Coaching & Mentoring; The Future

Looking to the future, the world of learning is changing and since coaching and mentoring has learning at their core it follows that they too will change. Developments in technology, elearning & web 2.0 have the potential to significantly change the way in which we learn, coach and mentor.  All of this is set within an array of external factors such as;  

  • A potential change of government,
  • The Leitch report,
  • The rise of talent management,
  • Pressure for increasing return on investment & value from learning interventions,
  • A potential new learning theory (connectivism),
  • The increase in social networking,
  • The changing nature of knowledge management based on the impact of the internet
  • A growing generation of learners who are ‘digital natives.

Information, literature, networks and journals in the areas of coaching & mentoring as well as learning is also growing. Recently Newly published journals include e.learning age, Human Capital Management, Training & Coaching today, and The Journal of the Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring  as well as a new on-line channel for ‘electronic publishing for coach-mentor excellence’ (OCMC)  Many other sources support the fact that technology will have a major influence on the way in which learning, coaching & mentoring are conducted in the future. A few examples include;  

  • 50% of the articles planned for training zone are technology based,
  • The results shown in the research paper (Towards Maturity 2007),
  • The growing use of blogs,& social networking
  • The recent results of a poll of senior HR professionals (Training Zone 2006).

 In addition changes emerging in education such as;   

  • Funding being allocated to the development of pilot virtual schools
  • The governments target of every pupil having a mentor by 2020
  • The drive towards personal and mobile learning 

All add weight to the way in which learning will take place in the future. The explosion of the 3D world second life in the US perhaps gives us an insight into the way that training, coaching & mentoring could take place in the future.


2 thoughts on “Learning, Coaching & Mentoring; The Future

  1. We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.
    Peter Drucker
    American (Austrian-born) management writer (1909 – 2005)

  2. Yes learning to learn is really important. I think that the changes that are happening due to the overwhelming amount of knowledge available to us is providing us with a relatively new opportunity to learn through and with our social networks.

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