New key skills for information overload

The University of Manitoba’s Wiki identifies a number of new skills that are required in order to cope with the abundance of information available to us and the significant changes that are happening around us based on technological developments.

These key skills include;

Recognising patterns & trends

Filtering of knowledge and extracting the important elements

Determining the value of knowledge and ensuring it’s authentic

Achieving our purpose or goal by navigating between people, technologies, repositories and ideas.

Critical & creative thinking

Building networks in order to stay current and informed

Focusing on important tasks while undergoing a deluge of information

Acceptance of uncertainty


4 thoughts on “New key skills for information overload

  1. This is a good list, Lynn. After having thrown in the towel in attempting to get my e-mail inbox in order and instead resorting to starting a new Outlook database, another skill seems critical:

    The ability accept the fact that not all requests for a response can get answered. To respond to each email or phone call would eliminate the ability to do anything productive. Answering every inquiry also has a disastrous effect on creativity.

    Time for reflection has never been more at a premium. Reflection is often the source of creativity that drives innovation. No matter how much information comes our way, time to reflect needs to be protected above all.

  2. I absolutely agree Richard. Reflection is key. Without it we can get stuck in the place that we’ve always been and miss out on the daily learning opportunities that allow us to create.
    I’ve just been through the process of completing a CPD plan for the next 12 months that involved critical refection.I will post the lessons I’ve learnt from this shortly.

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