Today I’ve had an optical powercut

I’ve lost my glasses and made lots of connections today, with the cooker, the front door and 2 people I didn’t know because I dialled the wrong number on my mobile. I lost my way, my normal perspective and the ability to write anything sensible on my blog.

However I gained a new perspective, everything seemed to have a misty tinge which was quite relaxing and I’m sure I had more time to think.

So, what have I learnt? That it’s good to look at things differently sometimes and everyone is much thinner than I thought!!


6 thoughts on “Today I’ve had an optical powercut

  1. Thanks for this wonderful insight into this new world.It made me really laugh which is particularly good as my week started off with a Bang….my car happened to bump into the one in front at 8.15 am…What a good start to Monday morning ……………….perhaps I had an optical power cut

  2. Guess our world can be viewed as heaven or hell, depending on our perspective. Changing the viewpoint almost forces time for reflection, wonderful! I think I’ll start hiding other people’s glasses!

  3. Once I had recovered from the hysteria that overwhelmed me when reading your comment on Today I’ve had an an optical powercut I decided I now know more about blinded learning than blended learning. I also now know that all those years spent feeling my way in the dark have not been wasted.
    Please be aware that outbursts of similar comments could be a risk to health.

  4. Yesterday I was wearing my contact lenses instead of my glasses and found myself talking to my dad on my mobile instead of my daughter, who I thought I was phoning when I screwed up my eyes to ‘see’ the screen. I had to think of something quick to be phoning him about! As a result I will be seeing him over Easter.
    So I guess the odd optical power cut can also be good for our family relationships.

  5. Thanks for your thoughts Anne, Eve, Alan & Kate. It sounds like we should all hide our own glasses and other peoples at least once a week!!

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