Invisible or Familiar?

Technology and web 2.0 offer us new and creative ways to enable learning. Should this technology be invisible or should we learn about it in order that it becomes familiar and we can maximise it’s use?

When designing learning solutions we should focus on what technology can enable rather than the technology itself. However just as we have an understanding of training & learning methods, we need to have an understanding of the various products and tools that we (or our learners) could integrate into learning solutions.

For example; Wikis enable collaboration, blogs offer us a vehicle to record our thoughts, track our development, share information and develop our social network. Google enables focused search, kartoo gives us the opportunity to create our own search maps and elluminate enables remote 2 way communication and the sharing of information.

Thinking about more familiar items; a car enables us to get from A-B, glasses enable us to see, television enables us to watch programmes we enjoy or unwind & relax. How often do we consider the technology that underpins these objects? We use these things in order to get what we need. The technology is invisible. However most of us are familiar with cars, glasses & TV, we understand how to use them and the benefits that they can give us.

Any views?


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