Good Blogging Habits

A comment made by Kelly after visiting my blog has really got me thinking. Kelly mentions good blogging habits. Maybe a number of people are unconsciously putting these habits into practice in their daily blogging. But what are they? Which blogging habits can have the most impact on learning, networking, connectivism, & CPD?


4 thoughts on “Good Blogging Habits

  1. Lynn,

    There are a few things that I like about the way you write. 1. You link to sources. This is important. You take the time to make a link which allows the reader to search the original work. That way, if I feel so inclined, I can check out what the original says and then see if I agree with what they, or you, say. It’s something not everyone does. 2. To the point – you don’t wander off topic – something that I occasionally do – when you write. 3. Shorter entries. I’m not sure if there is an official right length but readers tend to look for shorter entries. Having said this, I tend to write longer entries and read longer entries. The shorter entries tend to be information sharing so the linking is important. 4. A number of sources – you link to a number of different people about different things. I look for this as I am also looking for different opinions and ideas. 5. Warmth – I don’t know how to describe it any differently. You write as if it were part of a conversation. That makes people want to take part.
    For me, these are qualities that make me come back to a blog for more. You don’t brow beat or exasperate things. That is one reason I’ve stopped reading some blogs as it is wearing hearing how bad things are in public education and all the rest. You talk about the good which we need to do more. Hope this helps!

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