Sharing Learning. CPD planning

After completing a process that has resulted in a CPD plan for the next 12 months, I thought I’d share some of the lessons learnt.

Be clear about overall goals before you start and don’t forget what’s important.

Revisit these goals at the end of the process, they may need to be changed

Consider both personal and professional development

Keep a journal to log learning on an on-going basis and review this to enable double loop learning

When completing self assessment activities, select useful tools & techniques. It’s easy to overdo self assessment and lose focus.

Feedback from others following self assessment is invaluable in identifying areas for improvement

Don’t forget your strengths, Keep balance in the process

Value both planned and emergent learning opportunities

Value reflection. It’s an essential part of the process. 


1 thought on “Sharing Learning. CPD planning

  1. I fully concur that the reflection required to keep a CPD log is useful. I had failed previously at keeping a CPD log until I had to do it for CIPD upgrading – because I found having to find a weekly timeslot inevitably, and frequently, was overridden by more pressing requirements.

    However, I have now done it twice on an annual basis, and have found this to be a useful, manageable exercise, which I can fit easily into my annual personal planning.

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