EMCC Coach Mentoring Standards

EMCC’s Coach Mentoring standards can be downloaded here.

“The growth and development of coaching and mentoring in Europe is dynamic and evolving and these standards provide the start point. The standards are operating inthe UK and are now being piloted across Europe.The competence framework and competence standards element of these standards are part of a two year consultation process in the UK during which time feedback will be welcomed and invited from all coach mentoring organisations, purchasers of coaching and mentoring services, developers of coach mentoring programmes and individuals practising coaching and mentoring. A similar two year consultation process is due to start in Europe.”



1 thought on “EMCC Coach Mentoring Standards

  1. I fully support the standards-based approach as one strand in ensuring the professionalism of people engaged as a ‘coach’. Other strands such as the development of appropriate knowledge and education about the psychological aspects of coaching and indeed the very real psychological contract invoked during coaching (taking the discipline way beyond simply using the GROW model)as also essential.

    Coaching does make a difference – I’m for ensuring it makes a consistently positive difference.

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