Future of Education Conference

This looks worth participating in. Here’s an extract from George Siemens newsletter.

“I’m quite pleased to announce that details for our upcoming Future of Education Conference (free registration, completely online) are available. We have a wide range of speakers confirmed (and many more to still confirm), including: David Weinberger, Dave Snowden, Stephen Heppell, Rene Barsalo, Sugata Mitra, Jay Cross, Brian Lamb, Chris Sessums, Vicki Davis, Mark Oehlert, Cheri Toledo, Dave Cormier, Teemu Leinonen, and MaryFriend Shepard.
Our last online conference (Connectivism conference in February) attracted over 1200 registrants, with excellent discussion in moodle with conference participants. We effectively managed to, in my humble opinion, shift the conversation from the pulpit to the conference floor. For this conference we have added a variety of 20 minutes presentations in addition to daily keynotes. This will hopefully extend the conversation…and (due to different presentation times) enable people in other time zones to participate for the live sessions. “


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