Future of Education Conference

 Here are some “musings” from George Siemens about the forthcoming future of education conference. To register for this valuable and free event click the link. http://umanitoba.ca/learning_technologies/conferences/foe/

“Few modern institutions hold the shape of history as faithfully as schools and universities. Rows of learners, segregated classrooms, subject specialization, and “the expert on stage” form images and stories of education over the last several hundred years.

Yet it was not always so. Ancient Greek academies based their educational activities as exploration and pursuit of truth. While it could be argued that less of the world was known in that era (though today’s nanotechnology explorers would suggest a future of greater yet to be charted worlds), a spirit of inquiry and the passion for learning dictated open spaces of dialogue and boundaries of learning imposed only by the mind, not the temporary containers of “courses” and “programs”.

The often repeated claim of “our world is changing” falls on ears immune due to frequent exposure. Yet teachers, professors, and corporate trainers are adopting tools which threaten (promise?) to shift the shape of education. Blogs, wikis, podcasts, social bookmarking, globalization, user-generated content, information growth, corporate research, flexible accreditation models, for-profit education, and international partnerships boil in the cauldron of change.

What will education look like in the future? How will we educate our children? Our employees? What will be the shape of scholarship? Of art? Of research?

Over the next week, we will begin to explore these issues with a combination of insights provided by our speakers…and with dialogue we shape ourselves. “


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