Stephen Downes, Web 2.0 and Learning

Stephen Downes in his presentation talks about web 2.0 and learning. This is a summary of the empowering messages linked to learning  that I have taken away from Stephen’s session. I wonder how these will be different from the messages that others retrieve ?

“To gain from self-directed learning, you must be self-directing”

“You are at the centre of your own personal learning network”

“Pull is better than push.” It’s better to retrieve what you want rather than receive what others want you to have

Make sharing knowledge, experiences & opinions a habit and a priority

“If opportunities for interaction aren’t there, create them”

“Take charge of your own learning.” Be clear about how you learn. Use your own words & examples to categorise, make sense of and to store knowledge.

Relevance is about getting what you want, when you want it. If you don’t need it now, delete it, you’ll be able to find it somewhere on the web later. 


1 thought on “Stephen Downes, Web 2.0 and Learning

  1. Some very interesting quotes from today. I like the whole “Pull is better than push.” idea. I’d like our students to grasp that a bit more – to understand that learning is not a receiving action but a getting action. You learn by doing something, getting something from what you are doing. Great!

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