10 Key topics in European Learning Technologies

The ten key topics in European learning technologies discussed at the Training in Action” conference in Italy recently were:

  • Learning communities and social networks.
  • Introducing skills, competencies and portfolio based development in corporate education.
  • Interoperability standards.
  • Blending S1000D and SCORM for industrial maintenance and training.
  • Learning through wearable computers.
  • Virtual worlds for technical workflow.
  • Serious games: using edutainment and game based learning in corporates.
  • Blending business intelligence, process workflow, search and data mining with corporate knowledge.
  • Large LMS/ LCMS deployments in worldwide organisations.
  • Business TV and TV-delivered learning.

Fabrizio Cardinali, the co-chair of the European Learning Industry Group said;

“Many of these issues can be addressed through the application of learning technologies, especially through games, simulations and virtual worlds. Innovations in learning such as these should help European organisations to remain competitive in the world economy, despite increasing competition from elsewhere in the world.”


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