Why Trainers don’t blog (continued)

Graham O’Connell referred me to an article on Participation Inequality that gives an interesting perspective on why Trainers don’t blog.


1 thought on “Why Trainers don’t blog (continued)

  1. Actually I consider my blog is almost just for me. Maybe I have got blogging wrong but I never saw it as NECESSARILY interactive. In fact, I have turned off the comments feature on my blog because I feared all sorts of junk comments and feeble attempts at marketing.

    I put my thoughts up to share with the world so they can read them. Hopefully they find them edifying. Maybe they will read the thoughts and it will reflect positively on me.

    It is a case of sowing seeds. Most fall on stony ground. I am happy in one in a 100 of my blog entries make any sort of impact.

    Possibly I have got it wrong and maybe I am not getting the most out of blogging. I am happy to take any recommendations and hear people’s thoughts.

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