Culture, compliance and coaching approaches

I’m thinking about how organisations seek to achieve compliance of behaviour that is linked to their culture & values and how different approaches & to coaching & mentoring either enhance or conflict with the culture.

This is hurting my head at the moment, any ideas very welcome.


How easy it is to forget….

I’m currently looking for a new role after recently being made redundant. I haven’t been in this situation for many years and have experienced many of the feelings typically associated with change: loss, confused,disbelief, anger, acceptance……

It struck me just how easy it has been for me to forget many of the key messages that in the roles of a manager, coach, consultant & trainer, I would try to facilitate in others. A visit to a recruitment consultancy to discuss my CV this week reminded me that I needed to apply & internalise messages that I would encourage in others to myself, specifically;

Focus on achievements

Believe in yourself

Remember what’s important

Be clear about goals

Consider all options

Accept help & support from others

Value learning in all situations

Knowledge Networker

The knowledge networker is described here by Mohamed Amine Chatti ;

“I believe that the new knowledge age is demanding new crucial skills based on knowledge networking rather than knowledge creation abilities. Since knowledge is distributed and ubiquitous in nature, everyone has to be a good knowledge networker. A Knowledge networker is one who has the ability to;

  • identify connections, recognize patterns, and make sense between different knowledge sources.
  • locate the person or the community/communities with the required know-how that can help achieving better results.
  • navigate and learn across different communities.
  • Connect and collaborate in different knowledge networks.”

I connected this with a previous post concerning new skills needed to help us cope with the abundance of information available to us;

 Recognising patterns & trends

Filtering of knowledge and extracting the important elements

Determining the value of knowledge and ensuring it’s authentic

Achieving our purpose or goal by navigating between people, technologies, repositories and ideas.

Critical & creative thinking

Building networks in order to stay current and informed

Focusing on important tasks while undergoing a deluge of information

Acceptance of uncertainty

I wonder how different these skills will need to be in 12 months time?