How easy it is to forget….

I’m currently looking for a new role after recently being made redundant. I haven’t been in this situation for many years and have experienced many of the feelings typically associated with change: loss, confused,disbelief, anger, acceptance……

It struck me just how easy it has been for me to forget many of the key messages that in the roles of a manager, coach, consultant & trainer, I would try to facilitate in others. A visit to a recruitment consultancy to discuss my CV this week reminded me that I needed to apply & internalise messages that I would encourage in others to myself, specifically;

Focus on achievements

Believe in yourself

Remember what’s important

Be clear about goals

Consider all options

Accept help & support from others

Value learning in all situations


3 thoughts on “How easy it is to forget….

  1. I completely understand and emphasise with you. I also have been made redundant recently.

    Having been in a senior finance role, I was well aware of the company situation and knew that company failure was likely. However, when the redundancy came I still felt all the typical emotions of grieving.

    I think that one forgets to appreciate:

    •The skills and experiences that have been acquired over the years

    •The surrounding network offering help, support and kind words

    •The opportunity presented – I would probably have stayed in the same role for years to come had the role continued to exist.

    It is essential to try to keep the confidence level high and look at all the options with an open mind. My ability to do this seems to vary from day to day.

    I am sure that you will get a great job soon.

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