People Management CIPD & Learning Technologies

I was suprised when reading CIPD’s ‘People Management’ dated 24th January to find no mention of the forthcoming Learning Technologies 2008 conference & exhibition taking place in London next week. This event is surely one that is highly relevant to Learning, Training & HR professionals. It’s theme is ‘driving workforce performance through learning & development’

Speakers include Jay Cross, Stephen Downes, Donald Taylor, & Clive Shepherd to name a few. Organisations include; BT, NHS, Cable & Wireless, Ikea, Toyota, & Sky. Phil Green from CIPD is also speaking…….

So why no mention?

Maybe I missed it, or a review after the event is planned, or it’s not considered news worthy, or……………….?  


2 thoughts on “People Management CIPD & Learning Technologies

  1. I’m really not surprised Lynn. There’s still a huge gap between the “traditional” perspectives on HR, training & Management and the more “forward-looking” views. One day CIPD will include elements of Learning Technologies, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening yet.

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