Learning Technologies 2008 First Thoughts

I have attended the learning technologies conference in London over the last couple of days & thought I’d post a few initial thoughts.

I was working at a rapporteur at the conference on  track 2 that concentrated on the theme of ‘effective learning’. Speakers included; Patrick Dunn & Clive Shepherd along with a number of representatives from organisations  (Sky, Argos, Ikea, Cable & Wireless, B&Q, Kaplan Financial, General Dynamics & the British Army) It was good to see how organisations had implemented various learning technology related initiatives and to hear the openness with which they were willing to share lessons learnt with others.

Areas covered were; design of learning, roll out, infrastructure, creating e-learning using what you have and deploying content that works for the business.

It was great to meet and speak with people who I’ve been blogging with over the last few months including Karyn Romeis, Donald Taylor, Jane Hart, Jay Cross & Clive Shepherd. Their enthusiasm was so refreshing.

After reflecting properly, I’ll post my perspective on each session, look forward to reading others thoughts too…………


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