Learning Technologies. Reflections part 2. Roll out of learning

Neil Crowson from IKEAspoke about roll of learning, in particular the deployment of e-learning modules at IKEA. His honesty and openness about all things that had gone wrong whilst doing this was so refreshing. He made the point that you can involve users in design and end up with a great product but this is wasted if implementation fails. His advice based on the painful lesson learnt follow;

  • Plan delivery as an integral part of the whole project. Consider marketing, branding, space & facilities needed, and how learners will access the e-learning.
  • Ensure you have the right people in the right places when the programme rolls out including; champions, HR, Users, Support staff
  • Be Flexible and be prepared for things to go wrong
  • Track & Communicate effectively using as many channels as possible
  • Provide support to stakeholders, sponsors and end users.
  • Integrate e-learning into the overall training plan
  • Adopt a consultative approach & let mangers lead, their support is essential in the implementation of a blended approach.

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