Learning Technologies 2008. Reflections part 3. Building the Infrastructure for Todays Learning

Key messages for me from these sessions were;

Ensure that you have a well integrated infrastructure to support learning, Allow users to search for what they need, Adopt an iterative & flexible approach to design ensuring that strong relationships are built with partners and stakeholders, Provide an environment that meets the needs of the business and encourages networking and connection.

My reflections from Barry’s session;

A pragmatic approach to supporting informal learning. Barry Sampson, B&Q B&Q have experienced massive growth over the last 8years mostly via acquisition. Corporate consolidation included the introduction of e-learning, an LMS, and a management academy supported by a community. 2 further communities were developed that were as Barry described “stuffed full of content that no-one used” Activity in the discussion forums became more active as the training department stepped away. Building on the lessons learnt and a forum built by a group of recently recruited graduates, B&Q used open source software to build an environment in which staff could connect & support each other in solving real business problems. B&Q have given the keys to staff in order that they could fill it up with relevant content. The constantly changing environment includes; blogs, forums, resources, polls, access to experts, recent posts and the facility to search. Barry believes that content should only be focussed on if it is core to the business, compliance related or knowledge based. B&Q’s connection focussed approach has shortened the culture curve for new staff joining the organisation, allowed staff to access what they need via the network.



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