Learning Technologies 2008. Reflections part 4. Creating e-learning using what you have

Key Messages for me from this session were;

Involve more people in rapid e-learning design to allow Instructional designers the time to fully utilise their experience. Value and support ‘Subject Matter Experts’ to work with Instructional designers in order to maximise the learning experience.

I particularly enjoyed Clive Shepherds session and key things I took away were as follows;

Clive drew attention to the ways in which the lines between being a teacher and a learner are blurring. We can now all be authors using blogs, wikis and self-publish on-line books, as well as teachers via social networking and sharing our expertise. Clive stressed that 72% of training challenges are time critical which led to pressure for e-learning to be produced quickly. Rapid e-learning provides a solution to this need, but only a small number of L&D professionals are using these authoring tools. He suggested that if SMEs and others in the organisation had access to these tools then Instructional designers could focus on other areas in which their expertise could be fully utilised. These areas included; simulations, challenging scenarios, game play, 3D models and virtual worlds. Clive believes that the tools, time and skills should be made available to a larger population in order that they can design user rated e-learning materials.

Hope I’ve captured the key messages Clive.  


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