Learning Technologies 2008. Reflections part 5. Creating Multi-purpose content with SME’s

The key messages I came away with after the session led by Jason Miller of Kaplan Financial;

Jason recognised the value of subject matter experts (SMEs) in creating learning but has found that they often are unsure about how to format it for learning and enable it to be re-purposed for use in different forms. His top 5 tips for working with SMEs to enable this to happen were;

  • Create a taxonomy first
  • Make adding metadata simple
  • Provide round trip editing when possible
  • Add structure as far upstream in the process as possible
  • Always keep next years vision in mind.

He offered practical advice on teaching authors how to write for a multi-purpose environment using the ‘secret sauce’ of content (XML & SCORM). This included;

  • Ensure that there is a clear process
  • Have a strict schema
  • Use word as an authoring tool
  • Stay in draft
  • Get authors to submit XML to Instructional designers for review
  • Encourage authors & Instructional designers (who are the linchpins in the process) to work together to maximise the learning experience
  • Get users to review the content

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