Top 100 Tools for Learning and 25 Tools: A Free Toolset for Learning 2008

A great resource from Jane Hart who is speaking at the Learning and Skills Group Conference on Wednesday
“This resource is intended for those working in education, workplace learning or professional development who want to broaden their horizons in terms of the wide range of technologies and tools available for learning and performance support .”

Social learning

A great post here from Janet Clarey and a powerful slide show that highlights the differences between a web 2.0 learner and a typical work environment. To quote Janet;

“My definition of social learning technologies includes networking and, in the context of human systems, connections among people. Instructional content is shared among connected, networked people. It is interactive and collaborative.”

So what is the definition of social networking?

The question has changed

Dissertation question has changed again. I wonder how many more changes it will go through over the next 12 month?

To what extent is on-line social networking currently used to support coachees who are in an active coaching relationship?

I’m seeking to find out

  • Whether social networking is being used in coaching relationships and if so in the context of that relationship;
  • How do coaches and coachees define social networking?
  • How many coaches and coaches are currently involved in social networking?
  • What social networks are most widely used by coaches and coachees?
  • How it social networking being used to support coachees?
  • The benefits and disadvantages of its use
  • Why is social networking being used?
  • In which part of the coaching process is it being used?
  • Are networks accessed before, during and/or after the coaching sessions?
  • How was it introduced into the coaching process?
  • When was it introduced into the coaching process?
  • How long has social networking been used to support the coachee?
  • Who initiated its use?
  • What has been achieved from its use in the coaching process?

It appears that there is limited literature available, If anyone has anything that they feel is relevant please leave me a reply. Thanks



Narrowing the dissertation question

I’ve been working on narrowing the question for my dissertation. It’s difficult when one question leads to so many others. So today it’s….

‘How can informal mentoring via on-line social networking enhance the coaching process?

Any relevant research, articles or links for a lit review in this area would be appreciated, although the actual question is likely to change and then change again……….

Learning & Skills Group Conference April 30th

Really looking forward to the Learning & Skills Group follow up conference on 30th April in London. The conference is made up of a mixture of speaker sessions, cafe sessions, and practical workshops with opportunities to network, share and view demonstrations of the latest technologies & products.

Here’s the programme and the link to the Learning Technologies blog