Social learning

A great post here from Janet Clarey and a powerful slide show that highlights the differences between a web 2.0 learner and a typical work environment. To quote Janet;

“My definition of social learning technologies includes networking and, in the context of human systems, connections among people. Instructional content is shared among connected, networked people. It is interactive and collaborative.”

So what is the definition of social networking?


3 thoughts on “Social learning

  1. Here’s a definition from futurelab
    “In social networking communities (eg, an initial set of founders sends out messages inviting members of their own personal networks to join the site. New members repeat the process, growing the total number of members and links in the network.”

  2. An online social networking SERVICE is a website that uses software to manage members and provide a platform and ways for people to interact. For social networking, I like Danah Boyd’s take: social networking promotes informal learning. “It’s where you learn social norms, rules, how to interact with others, narrative, personal and group history, and media literacy .” And that’s different from social network analysis (SNA), the study of connections and networks. This is why I’m using “social learning technologies” or “social media” to describe the 2.0 tools of elearning.

  3. Thanks Janet
    How about social networking is the conscious creation of a network of known & unknown contacts who share an interest, with whom you can interact, make connections, learn, share, give, take and laugh.

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