Why Don’t Trainers Blog – Revisited

Following my contribution to training zone’s blog I was asked today for my views on how trainers could benefit from blogging and reasons why they don’t.
I believe that trainers have an enormous amount to gain from blogging including;
The opportunity to become a member of a community of practice
Networking with others
Connecting and sharing views with colleagues and thought leaders
Having personal views challenged
Learning, learning & some more learning
Sharing knowledge
Supporting others development & their informal learning
Supporting the formulation of thoughts
Contributing towards the personal CPD journey and benefiting from emergent learning
Improvement of personal communication skills

Some suggestions why I feel trainers don’t blog (although I feel that more are now than were 6 months ago) include;
Lack of time
Blogging is not a priority & not valued
Lack of ICT skills
Blogging links to the threat of increased ICT use and the decrease of face to face events
Blogging and social networking contradict the traditional view that when a resource is created it is owned and for use by the individual or 1 organisation. I believe that ideas and information should be open source (as open source software) and then available for everyone to share and benefit from.
I’m sure there are many more reasons for trainers to blog and reasons why they don’t.
What do you think?