Top Ten Tools 2010

It was interesting for me to reflect on my top 10 tools for 2010. In previous years that I’ve participated the top 10 were obvious to me. This time I found it difficult to identify just 10. So many tools so little time!

Here they are

itunes; for syncs to my iphone and ipad as well as access to music

Tweetdeck and twitter; a great way to keep up to date, share with others and engage in conversations

Google search; to search and filter on the web

WordPress; for blogging and engaging in conversations

Facebook; for keeping in touch with family and close colleagues. Mostly use this via my mobile

igoogle; my personalised homepage where I can easily access resources I use on a regular basis as well as my reader

Mobileme; for backup of contacts &  diary as well as an extra email address

Ning; for setting up and participation in various groups. Am just exploring transfering over to since free access to ning is due to end soon

Firefox; web browser

Google groups; have used this a lot for workplace groups when other providers have been blocked by organisations

Other tools that I use regularly are googlemaps, LinkedIn, Youtube, google earth, GPS, microsoft office and outlook.

I’ve recently started using some other tools which I think by the end of the year will be higher up my list. They are Dropbox, Docs to go, pages and keynote.

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