Practical ways to use social media to support coaching

Following my research, a number of people have asked me to share some practical examples of ways that coaches are currently using social media to support coaching. Here are some examples:

  • Encourage the coachee to expand their learning network via twitter or groups to explore and gather ideas and new perspectives on relevant issues
  • Encourage the coachee to seek out and follow ‘experts’ who could offer a new perspective to an issue and have dealt with similar issues or situations that the coachee is facing
  • Set up a closed community to support team or group coaching
  • Signpost coachees to online resources, tools and techniques via your blog, twitter or groups
  • Introduce linkedin to clients to support them in building a professional network
  • Use You Tube clips to support coaching sessions
  • Introduce private wikis in team or group coaching to share knowledge creation
  • Encourage the coachee to use a private wiki or blog to record reflections and learning

Do you have practical examples to share?

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