About Lynn

Lynn Wernham is an independent business change & learning professional with 20+ years experience in the design of L&D solutions and frameworks, blended learning, performance improvement, coaching, facilitation, and partnership working.

Lynn has worked collaboratively with numerous organisations both in the private and public sector in the UK. Her focus is supporting people and embracing new learning technologies whilst balancing this with the realities of change and performance improvement in the real world.

As ‘Blended Learning Lead’, she worked on the largest transformation programme in Europe involving the design of a corporate blended learning framework and Individual development pathways for an organisation employing over 40,000 staff. Lynn has also coached, mentored and developed L&D teams to align thinking and approaches with changing priorities, blended learning and leadership strategies.

Lynn has recently completed her MA dissertation exploring the extent to which social media is used to support face to face coaching in organisations.



3 thoughts on “About Lynn

  1. Lynn

    You may have seen that I am running a feature on my website of e-learning professionals’ Top 10 Tools. Jay Cross kicked it off a couple of weeks and since that time there have been a number of guests (eg Clive Shepherd, Stephen Downes, James Farmer, etc) as well as others readers who have contributed their list of favourite tools.


    I would like to invite you to become one of our guests and let me list your Top 10 Tools; they could be those that you use for your own personal learning/working or those for creating e-learning.

    If you would like to do so, please send me a list of your tools with a brief explanation of why you like them – and I will add the links and the logos. If you would like me to include a picture please let me know where I can find one on the web or else attach one to your email.

    My ultimate aim is to compile a Top 100 Tools list to help users identify those that are valued and recommended by the e-learning community

    Many thanks in advance


    Jane Hart

  2. Lynn I’m also an independent consultant – work ina small niche around the concept of Collaborative Intelligence – I have to present to a large group of Head masters in Western Canada about ‘education and change’ and wondered would you have any references you think I should be checking – education is not an area I have much experience of (except my own rather poor individual performance) – I found you on ‘Twine’ incidentally

    kind regards

    Steve Joyce

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