Wot no social media!! Learning and Talent development 2010

CIPD have recently published their annual survey report.

Some highlights for me  include;

E-learning is the practice that has increased the most with 62% of organisations saying they use it more than in 2009.

Only 17% of organisations expect learners to be mainly responsible for their own learning

The biggest change anticipated over the next 5 years is a greater integration between coaching, OD and performance management to drive organisational change and a greater resonsibility devolved to line managers

CIPD comment in the final section ‘implications and insights’ about their concerns of ‘hibernation’ as professionals lock themselves in their own organisations. They also point out that external conferences and events are declining and suggest that this could affect the ‘ideas sharing and collaboration necessary to drive learning and talent development insights’

Surely CIPD are aware of the increasing opportunities that are available to everyone to share ideas, collaborate, discuss and learn via social media. Surely they recognise the scale and value of informal learning too???

Unless I’ve missed it no mention of either social media or informal learning in their survey.

An oversight??