Handbook of emerging technologies for learning

A handbook written by  George Siemens and Peter Tittenberger as well as a wiki that will continue to be updated is now available.

“This Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning (HETL) has been designed as a resource for educators planning to incorporate technologies in their teaching and learning activities.”

Really worth reading.


Open Education, the Long Tail, and Learning 2.0

An interesting article……. some extracts……………

“The most profound impact of the Internet is its ability to support and
expand the various aspects of social learning…….

It seems likely that a great deal of informal learning is taking place both
on and off campus via the online social networks………

The emphasis is on building a community of students and scholars as
much as on providing access to educational content.

These communities are harbingers of the emergence of a new form of
technology-enhanced learning—Learning 2.0.

The demand-pull approach is based on providing students with access to
rich (sometimes virtual) learning communities built around a practice.”

Professional Knowledge

Some interesting predictions here including this one;

Professional knowledge will become obsolete almost as quickly as it’s acquired. An individual’s professional knowledge is becoming outdated at a much faster rate than ever before.

Most professions will require continuous instruction and retraining. Rapid changes in the job market and work-related technologies will necessitate job education for almost every worker. At any given moment, a substantial portion of the labor force will be in job retraining programs. -Marvin J. Cetron and Owen Davies, “Trends Shaping Tomorrow’s World, Part Two,” May-June 2008, p 41″