Communities of Practice Steve Dale

A Collaborative Workplace

A great paper here on building a collaborative workplace by Shawn Callahan, Mark Schenk and Nancy White via Harold Jarche

An extract…………….

“Today we face an entirely new environment for innovation and getting things done. The days of the lone genius quietly toiling away in pursuit of that Eureka moment to revolutionise an industry are all but over. We are now in the days of asking and listening to our customers and working with them in our innovation cycles. Innovation demands collaboration. So does production. In the past we could focus on a single task in an assembly-line fashion, handing our completed activity to the next person who would in turn do the same, until the job was finished. Now the jobs change fast, requiring learning new skills rather than merely repeating the old. We have to seek out people who have other pieces of the puzzle and work with them to tackle increasingly complex issues at a much faster pace.”

Open Education, the Long Tail, and Learning 2.0

An interesting article……. some extracts……………

“The most profound impact of the Internet is its ability to support and
expand the various aspects of social learning…….

It seems likely that a great deal of informal learning is taking place both
on and off campus via the online social networks………

The emphasis is on building a community of students and scholars as
much as on providing access to educational content.

These communities are harbingers of the emergence of a new form of
technology-enhanced learning—Learning 2.0.

The demand-pull approach is based on providing students with access to
rich (sometimes virtual) learning communities built around a practice.”