Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011

A list and commentary here from Gartner on the top ten strategic technologies for 2011.

They include; Cloud computing, mobile applications and media tablets and video.

I found it interesting how they have categorised social communications and collaboration technologies which is also on the list as follows

Social Networking: social profile management such as Facebook, LinkedIn

Social Collaboration: such as wikis, blogs, collaborative office

Social publishing: “technologies that assist communities in pooling individual content into a usable and community accessible content repository” such as YouTube and Flikr

Social Feedback: “gaining feedback and opinion from the community on specific items” such as, YouTube and Amazon

I wonder what’s missing?

“Gartner predicts that by 2016, social technologies will be integrated with most business applications. Companies should bring together their social CRM, internal communications and collaboration, and public social site initiatives into a coordinated strategy”


Google Personalised Homepage

Google seem to be having some difficulties with their personalised home page at the moment.

I hadn’t realised how much I depended on this page until it disappeared! I’m sure they have a back up and will restore it soon.

E-Learning in the 21st Century

Here’s an extract from a thought provoking post by Janet

“In E-Learning in the 21st century authors Garrison and Anderson, recognized pioneers in distance learning said:

The future is for those who are ready to assume control and responsibility for their learning; those who have acquired the critical thinking and learning abilities needed to cope with the ‘too much information’ age. Those who have learned to manage learning and create; those who are will to act upon their learning and who are ready to shape change and not be the victims of it.”

George Siemens; using technology in learning

George Siemens at the University of Manitoba suggests 3 stages of using technology in university level courses. They are;

Augmented (use of blogs,wikis,podcasts,email,webCT & discussion forums to extend in-classroom participation) Classes are still held face to face at this stage.

Blended (use of alternative presentation and collaborative technologies) Here he suggests online sessions replace some, but not all face to face sessions

Online (entirely delivered online, using LMS or a combination of tools to evaluate, collaborate, converse & present)

The challenge is finding ways to support learners in moving from one stage to the next.